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Anxiety and depression vs insecure and dull‏

“Do I have anxiety?”, “Do I have depression?”. These questions are being asked by people more often in the present day than they were in times past. If you type these questions into a search engine you will undoubtedly get a lot of directly related results. You will come across them in magazines, hear them on television as well as radio. From my point of view it usually seems that these questions, or any similar and related ones are asked by a younger generation.
The reason for this is because society has been lead to accept as truth that ‘mental illness is an illness like any other’. So now people are asking do they have conditions such as ‘anxiety’ and ‘depression’ and talking  about these states like they are something separate from themselves and their personality, like a virus or physical disease, say for example, Crohns disease or flu. This is a very controversial topic and a lot of people vehemently deny that what we call ‘mental illness’ is an illness like any other.I do believe that for some people there is perhaps a physical cause in the brain and/or body for ‘mental illness’ but I believe for most that it is down to experience and can be dealt with without medication. I believe this despite my horrendous experience with antidepressants, doctors and psychiatrists. However I also believe that there is an over diagnosis of these conditions around the world and that in the case of diagnosis the available treatment could be better.One demographic in my opinion, from my observation that is a huge market for antidepressants is young men in the developed world. Life has certainly gotten easier for this group over the generations but it has changed a lot too. There are pressures on young men. Pressure to do well at education, get a good career, etc, etc. So, take a young man in this position, stressed out, factor in being single, celibate and the insecurity of youth and you have a prime target to get hooked on antidepressants.
In fact if this sounds like you, or you are a type of person who is likely to be prescribed medication, this is what you and others are described as by drug companies and there advertising and marketing people.
You are the target demographic, you are a target. This term sounds harmless when talking about selling other products such as cars, after all people want and need cars. When talking about selling defective, addictive products to weak, vulnerable people it  takes on a different meaning and gives a different feeling. You realize the target demographic are prey.
A vulnerable person will visit his doctor and/or psychiatrist and be told they are anxious and depressed, that they have a chemical imbalance but it can be treated with medication. That’s how it begins and gets worse from there. Any complaints of side effects are brushed away and dismissed as signs of the ‘illness’. People end up staying on antidepressants for years  believing that it is fine to do this. As someone who has experienced the horrors of antidepressants I could not recommend them and certainly not as a type of maintenance medication.
When the typical young man who goes to the health care professionals initially meets them, that meeting will usually be only a few minutes and will always end with a prescription. The doctor or whoever won’t ask about diet or lifestyle, if this sounds wrong I can guarantee you most people on meds can describe the same experience.
So being overweight, sedentary, not making efforts to socialize, exercise and in general not challenging yourself mentally and physically has no bearing on how you’re feeling. Well obviously, I’m sorry, it does. This is my opinion, that a large proportion of people on antidepressants live unhealthily in all aspects. It’s so obvious to see this, for example the U.S. a country with a massive proportion of obese people also has masses on antidepressants. Coincidence, I think not.These people as I said before are prime targets for the drug companies, especially the young men. They become convinced that they cannot change because they have separated themselves from their feelings and have been led to believe they have a condition. They won’t make any effort to change because it’s like they’ve been hypnotized, they just accept it. They are told what they want to hear and that there is a solution in the form of a pill. They have anxiety and depression but actually they don’t they’re just dulled from modern life and insecure and it’s kind of ran out of control. These people don’t need medication they need guidance and someone to advise them and listen to them.